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Live Action Set is a physical theater performance company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its artistic mission is to create visually poetic, wildly imaginative, and accessible performance experiences that harness the indefinable power of the human spirit. It does so primarily by focusing on ensemble-created new work and draws from the worlds of dance, drama, music, mime, clowning and visual theater. The company is committed to creating original, ensemble-driven performances that dissolve boundaries between artistic disciplines.

Founded in 2003, Live Action Set has earned great critical praise and become one of the most influential experimental theatre companies in the Twin Cities. The company's productions have been widely hailed as "courageous", "beautiful" and "daring." Their first standout production, Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban, was the top-selling show at the 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival.[1] In 2011, their original production about myths re-envisioned in the Old West, The 7-Shot Symphony, received an Ivey Award for Overall Excellence.

Current leadership[edit]

Noah Bremer- Artistic Director
Joanna Harmon- Executive Director

Founding company members[edit]

Noah Bremer
Megan Odell
Galen Treuer
Vanessa Voskuil


2005 Artists of the Year (with director Jon Ferguson)[2]
2005 Outstanding Experimental Theatre Work for Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban -Minneapolis Star Tribune
2006 Best Stage Production for Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban [3]
2009 Best of Twin Cities Theater for My Father's Bookshelf [4]
2011 Ivey, Overall Excellence for The 7-Shot Symphony [5]


2003: Exposure
2004: Before Dark (review)
2005: Ice Cube; Storming of the Bastille; Hello Remember Me; Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban (review 1; review 2)
2006: Zombies on Ice; The Percussionist
2007: Desiderare: Desire the Undesirable
2008: The Piano Tuner; The Rite of Spring; Deviants
2009: My Father's Bookshelf
2010: The Happy Show, April 29-May 14 at the Bedlam Theatre, Minneapolis, MN; The Lord of the Rings in 9 Minutes, various locations, Minneapolis, MN
2011: The 7-Shot Shymphony, March 10–27 at The Loring Theater, Minneapolis, MN; July 15–24 at Strawdog Theatre, Chicago, IL; Fletcher and Zenobia Save the Circus, August 5–14 at Mill City Museum's train shed, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Minneapolis, MN
2012: The 7-Shot Shymphony, January TOUR (Miami, Sanibel, Ft. Myers, Louisville, Memphis); Kill Bill Treteau, various locations, Minneapolis, MN; Basic North, a performance in three intertwining directions, June 28-July 8 at The Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN


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