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Live Arts Week
Genre live arts
Location(s) Bologna
Organized by Xing[1]

Live Arts Week[2] is a project by Xing, born in 2012 out the fusion of the experiences of the two Bologna festivals (2000>2011): Netmage - International Live Media Festival and F.I.S.Co. - Festival Internazionale sullo Spettacolo Contemporaneo. Live Arts Week takes place in Bologna, Italy, once a year, and it is developed throughout one week in different locations and settings in town.


Live Arts Week intensifies a weave between disciplines and forms of expression, and cohabitation between artists and audiences from different backgrounds. Focused on live arts, it offers a program that reflects an idea of art as experience made of temporalities, postures and the imaginaries.

The decision to launch the new event as 'week-long' is an attempt to break away from the concept of a festival as a consumer point in the cultural life of a city.

The program allows the visitor to cross a number of world-spaces created by important personalities in international and contemporary research. The set-up suggests a citywide event, divided into a schedule of events, performances, shows, concerts and live media with unique dates, productions and premières.

GIANNI PENG, a name that will accompany the festival in its organic growth, indicates the time of these transitions. It is a phenomenon, not a person: a new identity, unlikely but real, to be treated as an abstract concept.


Edition 2012[edit]

  • Anne Juren (FR-AU)
  • Antonia Baehr [3](DE)
  • Blues Control[4] (US)/Laraaji [5](US)
  • Canedicoda[6](IT)/Mirko Rizzi (IT)
  • Christine De Smedt (BE)
  • Claudia Castellucci [7](IT)
  • Cristina Rizzo[8] (IT)/Lucia Amara (IT)
  • Denis Tyfus [9](BE)/Vom Grill (BE)
  • Floris Vanhoof (BE)
  • Hartmut Geerken (DE)
  • Hieroglyphic Being [10] (US)
  • Jan Ritsema (NL)
  • Krõõt Juurak (EE)
  • Luca Trevisani [11](IT)
  • Luís Miguel Félix (PT)
  • Marino Formenti[12] (IT-AT)
  • Orphan Fairytale (BE)
  • Ottaven [13](IT)
  • Robert Steijn[14] (NL-AT)
  • Salka Ardal Rosengren (SE)
  • Saša Asentić (RS)
  • Silvia Costa (IT)
  • The Claw (Kingdom, Total Freedom, Nguzunguzu) (US)
  • Yannick Val Gesto [15] (BE)/Roman Hiele (BE)
  • Xavier Le Roy(FR/DE)
  • Yves-Noël Genod(FR)
  • Giovanni Anceschi (IT)
  • Ben Rivers (GB)
  • Mattin (ES)

Edition 2013[edit]

  • Alix Eynaudi [16] (FR AU)
  • Anne Juren/Marianne Baillot/Alix Eynaudi[16]/Agata Maszkiewicz[17] (FR/AU/BE/PL)
  • Daniela Cattivelli[18] (IT)
  • Dmitry Paranyushkin[19] (RU-DE)
  • Dracula Lewis/Out4Pizza[20] (IT/US)
  • Elise Florenty/Marcel Türkowsky[21] (FR/DE)
  • Eszter Salamon[22]/Christine De Smedt[23] (DE/BE)
  • Mårten Spångberg[24]/Linnea Martinsson (SW)
  • Goodiepal (DK)
  • Helm[25] (GB)
  • Junko (JP)
  • Lucio Capece[26] (AR-DE)
  • Muna Mussie[27] (IT-BE)
  • Nature Theater of Oklahoma[28] (US)
  • Pierre Huyghe (FR)
  • Riccardo Benassi[29] (IT)
  • Rose Kallal[30]/Joe DeNardo[31] (CA/US)
  • Sara Manente[32] (IT-BE)
  • Sun Araw(US)
  • Tony Conrad (US)

Edition 2014[edit]

Edition 2015[edit]

  • Adrian Rew (US)
  • Alessandro di Pietro (IT)
  • Andrea Magnani (IT)
  • Andrew Norman Wilson (US)
  • Anne de Vries (NL)
  • Anthony Pateras (AT-DE)
  • Auto Italia (US/GB)
  • Ben Vickers/Holly White (GB/GB)
  • Canedicoda[6] (IT)
  • Carola Spadoni (IT-DE)
  • Claudia Triozzi (FR-IT)
  • David Horvitz (US)
  • Enrico Boccioletti[39] (IT)
  • Francesco Cavaliere (IT-DE)
  • Gábor Lázár[47] (HU)
  • Harm van den Dorpel (NL)
  • Ilja Karilampi [48]"(ES-DE)
  • Jaakko Pallasvuo [49](FI-DE)
  • Jack Hauser/Satu Herrala/Sabina Holzer/Jeroen Peeters (AT/FI/AT/BE)
  • Jennifer Chan [50] (CA)
  • Luciano Chessa (IT-US)
  • MACON (FR)
  • MK/Luca Trevisani/Franco Farinelli/Roberta Mosca/Sigourney Weaver/Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch (IT)
  • Marco Dal Pane (IT)
  • Markus Öhrn (SE)
  • Martin Kohout[51] (CZ-DE)
  • N.M.O. (Morten J Olsen/Rubén Patiño) (NO/ES)
  • Ogino Knauss (IT-DE)
  • Philip Corner (US)
  • Riccardo Benassi[29] (IT-DE)
  • Roberto Fassone (IT)
  • Salvatore Panu (IT)
  • Seth Price (US)
  • VA AA LR (Adam Asnan/Vasco Alves/Louie Rice) (GB/PT/GB)
  • Valerio Tricoli (IT-DE)
  • Vera Mantero & guests (PT)
  • Xavier Le Roy (DE/FR)
  • Yuri Pattison (IE)
  • Z.B. Aids (FR)

Edition 2016[edit]

Edition 2017[edit]

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