Live at O-East 20040305

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Live At O-East 20040305
Live at O-East 20040305 cover.jpg
Live album by Balzac
Released 2005
Genre Horror punk
Length 60:49 min
Label Diwphalanx Records
Producer Balzac
Balzac chronology
Live At O-East 20040305
Liquid Room 20050403 Official Bootleg
(2005)Liquid Room 20050403 Official Bootleg2005

Live At O-East 20040305 is the first full-length live album by the Japanese horror punk band Balzac. It was released in a special package and was only available in the venues the band played during that tour. It was recorded at their performance at the O-East venue in 2004; the numbers in the album title represent the date of the event.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Beyond Evil 308 - The grave (Dreizehn)"
  2. "Zetsubou-no-ano-basho-e"
  3. "Season of the Dead"
  4. "Inside My Eyes"
  5. "Came Out of the Grave"
  6. "Shi wo yubi sasu"
  7. "In Your Face"
  8. "The Silence of the Crows"
  9. "The Pain (is all around)"
  10. "Beware of Darkness"
  11. "Art of Dying"
  12. "The World Without End"
  13. "Girl From Horrorwood"
  14. "The End Of Century"
  15. "Nowhere #13"
  16. "Into The Light of the 13 Dark Night"
  17. "Monster"
  18. "Violent Paradise"
  19. "Isolation From Nº 13"


  • Hirosuke - vocals
  • Atsushi - guitar, vocals, chorus
  • Akio - bass guitar, Cchorus
  • Takayuki - drums, chorus

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