Live Hats

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Live Hats
Live album / Video album by
Released6 June 2006
RecordedAugust 8, 1985
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
LabelTrilogie Musique

Live Hats is a concert released on DVD by Canadian new wave/synthpop group Men Without Hats. It was recorded in Montreal on August 8, 1985 and released in 2006.

Track list[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. Heaven
  3. I Know Their Name
  4. Antarctica
  5. Modern Dancing
  6. I Sing Last
  7. Jenny Wore Black
  8. Freeways
  9. Security
  10. Ban the Game
  11. Ban the Game II
  12. I Like
  13. Editions of You
  14. The Safety Dance
  15. I Got the Message
  16. Where Do the Boys Go?

Bonus Material[edit]

(Music Videos)

  1. Nationale 7
  2. Safety Dance
  3. I Like
  4. Where Do the Boys Go?
  5. Pop Goes the World
  6. Jeannie Becker interview (1983)

The package also included a replica of the backstage passes used on the Freeways tour, listed as "Your Own Backstage Pass!".

The bonus material would later be reissued on The Silver Collection. The concert had been bootlegged years earlier and distributed through the Men Without Hats fan mailing list.


  • Ivan Doroschuk - vocals, keyboard, piano, guitar
  • Stefan Doroschuk - guitar
  • Al Gunn - bass
  • Denis Toupin - drums
  • Lenny Pinkas - keyboards
  • Colin Doroschuk - keyboards, piano