Live It Up! (film)

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Live It Up!
Live It Up! film 1963.jpg
DVD cover design
Directed by Lance Comfort
Written by Lyn Fairhurst (original story and screenplay)

Musical guests: Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
Gene Vincent, Patsy Ann Noble

Acting roles: David Hemmings, Jenny Moss, Steve Marriott, John Mitchell, Dave Clark
Music by Joe Meek (songs)
Cinematography Basil Emmott
Distributed by Rank Organisation
Release date
  • 1963 (1963)
Running time
75 minutes
Country England
Language English

Live It Up! is a British music-film (US release title: Sing and Swing) released in 1963. It was filmed at Pinewood Film Studios in London, England, and featured Gene Vincent, Jenny Moss, The Outlaws, Patsy Ann Noble, The Saints and Heinz Burt (most of them being produced by Joe Meek who wrote the film's theme) among others. It was filmed at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. The film also featured a young actor called Steve Marriott who went on to become a well-known singer with Small Faces and Humble Pie.[1]

The film was quite successful and Be My Guest was the follow-up.


Music guests[edit]

Music and lyrics were written by Joe Meek.


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