Live Phish Volume 6

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Live Phish Vol. 6
Live Phish Volume 6 (album cover).jpg
Live album by Phish
Released October 30, 2001
Recorded November 27, 1998
Genre Rock
Length 2:55:56
Label Elektra
Producer Phish
Live Phish Series chronology
Live Phish Volume 5
Live Phish Volume 6
Live Phish Volume 7
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Live Phish Vol. 6 was recorded live on the first night of a three night stand at the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts, on November 27, 1998.

The show is best known for its repeated relapses into the classic Surfaris favorite "Wipeout," which made two appearances by itself during the concert and one during the middle of "Weekapaug Groove." The band was extremely loose and playful on this night, launching into a spontaneous version of the ska classic "Mirror in the Bathroom" while still in the middle of "Chalk Dust Torture," and also breaking out the only blues version of "Dog Log" in the song's history.

Also, the band extended the ending of "Weekapaug Groove" into its own individual jam, resulting in the entire "Weekapaug Groove" segment clocking in at over twenty minutes.

This concert remains one of Phish's most popular performances from the 1998 fall tour.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

Set one:
  1. "Funky Bitch" (Seals) - 6:56
  2. "Ya Mar" (Ferguson) - 10:40
  3. "Carini" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 5:51
  4. "Runaway Jim" (Abrahams, Anastasio) - 9:21
  5. "Meat" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, Marshall, McConnell) - 4:52
  6. "Reba" (Anastasio) - 15:48
  7. "Old Home Place" (Jayne, Webb) - 3:58
  8. "Dogs Stole Things" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 4:39

Disc two[edit]

Set one, continued:
  1. "Vultures" (Anastasio, Herman, Marshall) - 7:13
  2. "When the Circus Comes" (Hidalgo, Pérez) - 5:29
  3. "Birds of a Feather" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, Marshall, McConnell) - 9:01
Set two:
  1. "Buried Alive" (Anastasio) - 3:37
  2. "Wipeout" (Berryhill, Connolly, Fuller, Wilson) - 2:01
  3. "Chalk Dust Torture" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 3:33
  4. "Mirror in the Bathroom" (Charlery, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) - 0:58
  5. "Chalk Dust Torture" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 4:09
  6. "Dog Log" (Anastasio) - 2:46
  7. "Sanity" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell, Pollak) - 4:52
  8. "Buffalo Bill" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 3:35

Disc three[edit]

Set two, continued:
  1. "Mike's Song" (Gordon) - 10:28
  2. "I Am Hydrogen" (Anastasio, Daubert, Marshall) - 6:48
  3. "Weekapaug Groove" (Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell) - 20:13
  4. "Run Like an Antelope" (Anastasio, Marshall, Pollak) - 15:47
  1. "Wading in the Velvet Sea" (Anastasio, Marshall) - 6:47
  2. "Golgi Apparatus" (Anastasio, Marshall, Szuter, Woolf) - 4:33
  3. "Wipeout" (Berryhill, Connolly, Fuller, Wilson) - 2:02


Setlist from the 'Helping Phriendly Book'[edit]

  • 'The Helping Phriendly Book' (HPB) is a detailed setlist archive maintained by fans at

Friday, 27 November 1998 Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, MA

SET 1: Funky Bitch, Ya Mar, Carini, Runaway Jim, Meat, Reba*, The Old Home Place, Dogs Stole Things, Vultures, When the Circus Comes, Birds of a Feather (1:23)

SET 2: Buried Alive, Wipe Out+, Chalk Dust Torture** > Mirror in the Bathroom# > Chalk Dust Torture > Dog Log## > Chalk Dust Torture > Sanity, Buffalo Bill, Mike's Song^ > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove^^, Run Like an Antelope (1:18)

ENCORE: Wading in the Velvet Sea, Golgi Apparatus > Wipe Out+ (0:13)

*With whistling. +Trey introduced Fish. **With "Wipe Out" teases. #First time played (The Beat (later known as The English Beat) cover from their debut LP "I Just Can't Stop It"); two verses played. ##Possibly inspired by a dog show taking place next door to the Centrum; very bluesy. ^With ambient jamming. ^^With recurring "Wipe Out" jamming and ambient jamming (especially in the latter portion). +After a drum solo by Fish, Trey introduced him again and then they finished "Wipe Out."


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