Live Tour 2016: Best Single Collection

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Live Tour 2016
Best Single Collection
Video by
Released16 November 2016
GenrePop, R&B, J-pop, dance-pop, rock, hip-hop
LabelRhythm Zone
ProducerKoda Kumi
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Live Tour 2016
Best Single Collection

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"Koda Kumi Live Tour 2016: Best Single Collection" (stylized as KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2016 ~Best Single Collection~) is a live concert DVD by Japanese R&B/pop artist Kumi Koda. It was released on November 16, 2016, two months after the tour ended on September 11, 2016.


Live Tour 2016 ~Best Single Collection~ is the thirteenth concert DVD from Japanese singer-songwriter Kumi Koda, released in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.[1] The DVD was released two months post tour on November 16.[2] The DVD charted at #2 on the Oricon Live Charts and remained on the charts for nine weeks.[3]

It became her first hall tour where she performed in all 47 prefectures of Japan, including her hometown in the Kyoto Prefecture of the Kansai region on Honshu.[4][5] The concert consisted of her most popular and well-known songs since her debut in December 2000.[6]

To help promote the tour, Kumi released a promotional single titled Shhh!. While one edition of the single was released for a limited time to the public on mu-mo, three other editions were sold only at concert venues.[7][8] The song was the opening number to each performance.

Track list[edit]


  1. "Shhh!"
  2. "Butterfly"
  3. "Won't Be Long ~Red Cherry Version~"
  4. "BUT / Lollipop"
  5. "Trust Your Love / love across the ocean / real Emotion / Take Back / Someday"
  6. "Crazy 4 U"
    <Interlude Movie 1>
  7. "1000 no Kotoba / you / Kiseki"
  8. "Koishikute"
  9. "Moon Crying"
  10. "Koi no Tsubomi"
  11. "I'll be there"
  12. "Ai no Uta"
  13. "Kimi Omoi"
    <Band and Dancer Part>
  14. "Dance In The Rain"
  15. "Can We Go Back"
  16. "Ningyo-hime / Freaky"
  17. "Pop Diva"
  18. "Dreaming Now!"
  19. "Lick me♥"
  20. "With your smile"
    <Interlude Movie 2>
  21. "Cutie Honey / Shake It Up / LALALALALA / Wind"
  22. "walk ~to the future~
  23. "Bonus Movie"
    "Interlude Movie Collection" (Poppin' love cocktail feat. TEEDA, LALALALALA, Moon Crying, Yume no Uta)
    "Live Tour 2016 ~Best Single Collection~ Documentary Trailer"


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