Live at Brixton Academy (Motörhead album)

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For other albums with the same name, see Live at Brixton Academy.
Live at Brixton Academy
Motörhead - Liev at the Brixton Academy (2003).jpg
Live album & DVD by Motörhead
Released 9 December 2003
Recorded 22 October 2000
Venue Brixton Academy, London[1]
Genre Heavy metal
Length 158:00
Label SPV GmbH
Producer Motörhead
Motörhead chronology
Stone Deaf Forever!
(2003)Stone Deaf Forever!2003
Live at Brixton Academy
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic [1] 4/5 stars

25 & Alive: Live at Brixton Academy is the seventh live album by the band Motörhead, recorded at their 25th anniversary concert on 22 October 2000, at the Brixton Academy in London, but released on CD in 2003 on Steamhammer, their second live album and seventh album released with the label.[2] It was the first live album under distribution with Sanctuary Records and their subsidiary Metal-Is for North America and certain territories.

The concert was filmed and has an accompanying live DVD called 25 & Alive Boneshaker, both of which are exactly the same recordings, but it was not released until 2005 due to mastering problems.[3]

Various guests made appearances on the night; "Fast" Eddie Clarke (ex-Motörhead), Queen's Brian May, Todd Campbell (Phil's son), Paul Inder (Lemmy's son), Whitfield Crane (ex-Ugly Kid Joe), Doro Pesch (ex-Warlock) and Ace (Skunk Anansie).

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor except where noted..

Disc one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "We Are Motörhead" Kilmister, Phil Campbell, Mikkey Dee 2:54
2. "No Class"   2:49
3. "I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care)" Kilmister, Campbell, Michael Burston, Taylor 3:36
4. "Over Your Shoulder" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Dee 3:37
5. "Civil War" Campbell, Dee, Max Ax 3:20
6. "Metropolis"   3:44
7. "Overnight Sensation" Kilmister, Campbell, Dee 4:50
8. "God Save the Queen" John Lydon, Steve Jones, Glen Matlock, Paul Cook 3:32
9. "Born to Raise Hell" Kilmister 6:31
10. "The Chase is Better Than the Catch"   5:42
11. "Stay Out of Jail" Kilmister, Campbell, Dee 3:33
12. "Dead Men Tell No Tales"   2:45
Disc two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "You Better Run" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, 6:48
2. "Sacrifice" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Dee 5:49
3. "Orgasmatron" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Pete Gill 6:50
4. "Going to Brazil" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Taylor 2:36
5. "Broken" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Taylor 4:59
6. "Damage Case" Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor, Mick Farren 3:52
7. "Iron Fist"   3:16
8. "Killed by Death" Kilmister, Campbell, Burston, Gill 7:26
9. "Bomber"   4:16
10. "Ace of Spades"   4:23
11. "Overkill"   7:48


Adapted from the Live at Brixton Academy liner notes.[1]

Guests musicians[edit]

  • Whitfield Crane on "Born To Raise Hell"
  • Doro Pesch on "Born To Raise Hell"
  • "Fast" Eddie on "The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" and "Overkill"
  • Todd Campbell (Psycho Squad) on "Killed By Death"
  • Paul Inder on "Killed By Death"
  • Brian May on "Overkill"
  • Ace on "Overkill"


  • Ian Kilmister – producer
  • Phil Campbell – producer
  • Mikkey Dee with SPV GmbH/Steamhammer – producer
  • Dave "Hobbs" Hilsden – tour manager, engineer
  • Tony Beeton – lighting director
  • Tim Butcher – bass tech
  • Roger De Souza – guitar tech
  • Alex Parmee – drum tech
  • Freddie Lind – production coordination


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