Live at CBGB 1982

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Live at CBGB 1982
Live at CBGB's 1982 CD.jpg
Live album by Bad Brains
Released October 31, 2006
Recorded 1982
Genre Hardcore punk, reggae
Label Reggae Lounge
Bad Brains chronology
I & I Survived
(2002)I & I Survived2002
Live at CBGB 1982
Build a Nation
(2007)Build a Nation2007
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Live at CBGB 1982 is a live album and DVD capturing hardcore punk/reggae group Bad Brains in concert at the historic New York City club CBGB in December 1982. The show features several tracks from the first three Bad Brains albums - Black Dots, Bad Brains, and the soon-to-be-released Rock for Light. The album also contains previously unreleased material, such as the reggae tunes "King of Glory" and "I And I Rasta."

Hardcore pioneers Minor Threat and Adam Horovitz's (Beastie Boys) first band, The Young and the Useless, opened the show.

CD Track listing[edit]

  1. Big Takeover
  2. I
  3. Jah the Conqueror
  4. Supertouch/Shitfit
  5. Rally Round Jah Throne
  6. Right Brigade
  7. F.V.K.
  8. I and I Survive
  9. Destroy Babylon
  10. Joshua's Song
  11. Unity Dub
  12. The Meek Shall Inherit
  13. Banned in DC
  14. How Low Can a Punk Get?
  15. Riot Squad
  16. I and I Rasta
  17. We Will Not
  18. The Regulator
  19. All Rise to Meet Jah
Live at CBGB's 1982
Live at CBGB's 1982 DVD.jpg
Video by Bad Brains
Released 2006
Recorded 1982

DVD track listing[edit]

  1. Big Takeover
  2. Attitude
  3. I
  4. I and I Rasta
  5. Supertouch/Shitfit
  6. King of Glory with Dave Hahn
  7. Right Brigade
  8. F.V.K.
  9. Banned in D.C.
  10. How Low Can a Punk Get?
  11. The Meek Shall Inherit
  12. Riot Squad
  13. We Will Not
  14. Coptic Times
  15. At the Movies
  16. Right Brigade
  17. Rally Round Jah Throne
  18. Redbone in the City
  19. Pay to Cum
  20. I and I Survive