DMPO's on Broadway

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DMPO's On Broadway
Dead Kennedys - DMPO's on Broadway cover.jpg
Video by the Dead Kennedys
Released 1985 (1985) (VHS)
August 29, 2000 (2000-08-29) (DVD)
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 50:00
Label Cherry Red

DMPO's On Broadway is a concert film of a Dead Kennedys' performance at the On Broadway, a San Francisco avant-garde theatre and nightclub.[nb 1] It was shot on June 16, 1984, the last night the venue was open before it was closed. The show is about an hour long and includes 14 songs. Originally released in VHS format in 1985 as Live in San Francisco, it was re-released on DVD on August 29, 2000, under its current title.

The set list for this concert was:


  1. ^ The On Broadway, located in the 435 Broadway building, which also housed the Mabuhay Gardens nightclub, was run by Dirksen-Miller Productions (DMPO), the concert promotion firm co-owned by Dirk Dirksen and Carl Miller.


  • DMPO's On Broadway [June 16, 1984] (inlay). Dirk Dirksen. London: Cherry Red Films. 2000. CRDVD 001N. 

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