Live at London Astoria 16.07.08

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Live at London Astoria 16.07.08
Ladytron - Live at London Astoria.jpg
Live album by
Released2009 (2009)[1]
Recorded16 July 2008 – London
VenueAstoria (London, England)
LabelSelf released
Ladytron chronology
Live at London Astoria 16.07.08
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Live at London Astoria 16.07.08 is the first official Ladytron live album recorded during their Velocifero tour and released in 2009.[2]

Ladytron' show at Astoria on 15 May 2008 was cancelled because a power failure at the stage.[3] Live at London Astoria 16.07.08 is the recording of the re-scheduled show from 16 July 2008.

Originally pressed as a one-time 1000 copy run in a simple cardboard slipcase for sales off the stage, the band later released this album on digipack format. Live at London Astoria 16.07.08 was recorded by Harm Schopman and James Gebhard and it was mixed by Daniel Woodwood at Whitewood Studios.[4]

Track listing[edit]

1."Black Cat"5:02
3."High Rise"5:12
6."I'm Not Scared"3:52
7."True Mathematics"2:40
8."Season of Illusions"4:06
9."Soft Power"5:21
11."International Dateline"4:32
12."Predict the Day"4:39
13."Fighting in Built Up Areas"4:43
15."The Last One Standing"3:19
16."Applause Break"1:25
18."Burning Up"4:24
19."Destroy Everything You Touch"5:40


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