Live at Thee Mardi Gras

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Live At Thee Mardi Gras
Live album by Psychic TV
Released 1988
Label Temple Records TOPY 036

Live At Thee Mardi Gras is a 12" vinyl live album by Psychic TV. The performance took place in 1987 in Nothingham, U.K. at the Mardi Gras Club.

Liner notes[edit]

  • This is the eleventh album in a series of 23 live albums by Psychic TV.
  • This concert featured a new line-up from PTV. Amongst the music are some instrumental improvisations in the hyperdelic mode, and the first vocal improvisation/invention of a lyric to "corrupted". PTV lyrics usually appear on the spur of the moment on stage.


  • Cover by Silverstar Amoeba
  • Bass: Dave Martin
  • Drums: Matthew Best
  • Lead guitar: Nobody
  • Keyboards: Tony Menzies
  • Mixed live by: Laura
  • Percussion: Paula P-Orridge
  • Tape: John Gosling