Live at the Marquee 1980

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Live at the Marquee 1980
Live at the Marquee 1980 (Atomic Rooster album).jpg
Live album by
Released19 November 2002
RecordedMarquee Club in 1980
GenreHard rock
ProducerVincent Crane

Live at the Marquee 1980 is a live album by British rock band Atomic Rooster, recorded at London's Marquee Club. No known live soundboard recordings exist of the 1980 (Crane/Du Cann/Hammond) lineup of Atomic Rooster and the source cassette tape, belonging to Du Cann, was recorded via a single onstage microphone.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "They Took Control of You" (Du Cann/Clara Du Cann) 7:15
  2. "Death Walks Behind You" (Du Cann/Crane) 6:40
  3. "Watch Out!" (Crane) 4:48
  4. "Tomorrow Night" (Crane) 6:29
  5. "Seven Lonely Streets" (Du Cann) 8:37
  6. "Gershatzer" (Crane) 10:04
  7. "I Can't Take No More" (Du Cann) 8:51
  8. "In the Shadows" (Du Cann) 11:24
  9. "Devil’s Answer" (Du Cann) 5:58
  10. "Do You Know Who's Looking for You?" (Crane/Du Cann) 4:40