Live at the Seaside

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Live at the Seaside
Video by Erasure
Released 1987
Recorded 17 April 1987, Brighton Dome Pavilion Theatre, Brighton
Genre Synthpop, Electropop, Pop
Length 56 minutes approx
Label Mute Records/Virgin Vision
Director Jerry Chater
Producer Angus Margerison
Daniel Miller
Erasure chronology
Live at the Seaside

Originally released in 1987, Live at the Seaside is the first concert video release by Erasure, recorded at the Brighton Dome on 17 April 1987[1] by the BBC[2] as part of the duo's tour of their second studio album The Circus. The video, originally only available on VHS, features 13 tracks from the concert and, amongst tracks from The Circus, includes performances of songs from Erasure's first album Wonderland plus "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!", the band's first foray into ABBA cover versions.

The opening song "Safety in Numbers" is uniquely credited to this tour, though, in fact, appears uncredited on "The Circus album" and "The Two Ring Circus" as the latter part of "Spiralling".[3][4] All subsequent performances and recordings of "Spiralling" omit the "Safety In Numbers" part.

The songs "Victim of Love", "It Doesn't Have to Be", "Who Needs Love Like That", "Oh L'amour" and "Sometimes" are inter-cut with footage from their respective music videos.

European tour and on-the-road footage shot on Video 8 from 1985 to 1986 by Steev Toth[5] is also inter-cut into the songs "Leave Me to Bleed", "If I Could", "Spiralling" and "Oh L'amour".

Track listing[edit]

  • VHS Video: VVD209
  1. "Safety in Numbers"
  2. "Victim of Love"
  3. "It Doesn't Have to Be"
  4. "Don't Dance"
  5. "Who Needs Love (Like That)"
  6. "Leave Me to Bleed"
  7. "If I Could"
  8. "Oh L'amour"
  9. "The Circus"
  10. "Say What"
  11. "Sometimes"
  12. "Spiralling"
  13. "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

Video and DVD re-releases[edit]

The video was later re-released[citation needed] on the budget 4 Front Video label[citation needed]. The track listing remained the same, but the cover artwork was slightly modified to suit the generic 'gold border' packaging of the 4 Front Video budget range.[6]

In 2011, the concert was again re-released, this time on DVD, as part of the 2011 expanded and remastered The Circus.[7] No significant changes or additions were made.

Video credits[edit]


BBC concert footage[edit]

  • Producer/director: Peter Hamilton
  • Assistant producer: Neil Ferris
  • Production assistant: Karen Treloar
  • Production co-ordinator: Verity White
  • Live sound: Andrew Whittle, Colin Callan
  • Sound produced by: Peter Dauncey, Daniel Miller
  • Sound engineer: Paul Nickson
  • Sound assistants: Chris Gibbs, Paul Brogdan
  • Lights: Christopher Ward, Richard Hinds, Neil Kirby
  • Tour manager: Andrew Mansi
  • Transport: Johnney Marr
  • Thanks to: BBC No Limits, BBC Transcriptions Unit, Brighton Dome, Tim Parsons, Dan Silver

European tour footage 1985–86[edit]

Live at the Seaside[edit]

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