Live at the Whole Foods Market at Arabella Station

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Live at the Whole Foods Market at Arabella Station
Supersuckers Live Arabella.jpg
Live album by Supersuckers
Released June 2007
Genre Rock and Roll
Label Mid Fi Recordings
Supersuckers chronology
' Live at the Whole Foods Market at Arabella Station

Live at the Whole Foods Market at Arabella Station is a live recording by the American rock and roll band Supersuckers. Released in 2007, it was recorded in New Orleans, LA. It is a benefit album for the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. Currently this is released only as a digital download only.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Breakin' Honeys Heart"
  2. "Dead in the Water"
  3. "One Cigarette Away"
  4. "Roamin' 'Round"
  5. "Intro"
  6. "Road Worn & Weary"
  7. "Interview 1"
  8. "I Don't Wanna Know"
  9. "Interview 2"
  10. "Breakin' Honeys Heart"
  11. "Interview 3"
  12. "The Image Of Me"
  13. "Interview 4"
  14. "Killer Weed"
  15. "Interview 5"
  16. "Born With A Tail"
  17. "Closing"

Note: The track listing at the web site does not correctly list what actually gets downloaded. This track listing accurately reflects what you actually get in the Digital Download.


From the liner notes:

"Where are we playing?" "Whole Foods? The grocery store?" Yes, that was the line of questioning that preceded this event. We did indeed play out in front of the Whole Foods store in New Orleans. It was hot, muggy and all kinds of fun and we dragged out the recording gear to capture the moment. Which we did. Sort of. Due to a technical glitch of some sort, only four songs were salvageable, but here they are for your enjoyment. The proceeds from these recordings will go directly to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic to help out fellow musicians in New Orleans who fell on hard times after Katrina hit. It's a good cause and a decent recording as well, featuring the talents of Jordan Shapiro on pedal steel and the bass playing debut of Dan "Thunder" Bolton as well as the standard, stellar guitar playing of Rontrose Heathman and the amazing Scottzilla Churilla on drums (and me on acoustic guitar). I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it! -Eddie Spaghetti


Recording Engineer/Mixer: Tom Stevens
Live Sound Engineer: Jeff Zielinski

Recording Notes[edit]

Due to a technical glitch only 4 songs from the actual show were usable and appear on the recording.