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Live at the Wireless is a radio show, and now a long-standing tradition, of Triple J, an Australian radio station. Live music is one of the central philosophies of the station.

The live broadcasts take a number of forms. Some broadcasts are from open-air concerts and festivals, or smaller pub gigs around the country. Many are bands that have been invited into the Triple J studios to play a live set of tracks, usually acoustic. Occasionally, Triple J will give away tickets to listeners, to allow them to be a part of a special live performance in a secret location.

All of the live broadcasts are recorded, and the station has released several double-CD compilations of live tracks. Many complete live sets are traded by music fans worldwide over the internet.

Live music is not exclusive to the Live at the Wireless segment - many other shows, including the specialty music shows, also have bands playing acoustic in the studio.

Ash have released their Live at the Wireless set from 1996 as an album - see Live at the Wireless (Ash album).

Live At The Wireless 1[edit]

Recorded by the Triple team, compiled and released in 1983 was Triple J - Live At The Wireless 1[1]

  1. Private Lives - "Pleas"
  2. The Particles - ("Bits Of) Wood"
  3. Samurai Trash - "Samurai Stomp"
  4. The Go-Betweens - "Hammer the Hammer"
  5. The Triffids - "My Baby Thinks She's a Train"
  6. Second Language - "Random Men"
  7. Do-Re-Mi - "Bring the Hammer Down"
  8. Dropbears - "Lay Him Down"
  9. Soggy Porridge - "You've Changed"
  10. Hoodoo Gurus - "Dig It Up"
  11. Idiom Flesh - "Ritual"

Live At The Wireless 2[edit]

Live At The Wireless 2.jpg

Recorded by the Triple team, compiled and released in 1991 was Triple J - Live At The Wireless 2[2]

  1. Killing Time- Holy Juice
  2. Ratcat - Skin
  3. Violent Femmes - Kiss Off
  4. Louis Tillett- Long Walk Home
  5. Concrete Blonde - Make Me Cry
  6. Faith No More - Falling to Pieces
  7. Nick Barker & The Reptiles- Miles To Go
  8. Pop Will Eat Itself- Def. Con. One
  9. Beasts Of Bourbon- Bad Revisited
  10. Falling Joys- Puppy Drink
  11. Andy Prieboy- Tomorrow Wendy
  12. Not Drowning, Waving- Albert Namatjira
  13. Archie Roach - Charcoal Lane
  14. The Welcome Mat- Cake
  15. Mudhoney- Touch Me I'm Sick
  16. Straitjacket Fits - Such A Daze
  17. The Blackeyed Susans- Glory Glory
  18. Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams - Benchtop
  19. Henry Rollins- I Know You

Live At The Wireless 3[edit]

Recorded by the Triple team, compiled and released in 1993 was Triple J - Live At The Wireless 3

  1. DEF Rhyme - Sex Be High
  2. Underground Lovers - Promenade
  3. Matthew Sweet - Devil With the Green Eyes
  4. The Truth- My Heavy Friend
  5. Lucinda Williams- Changed The Locks
  6. Throwing Muses - Firepile
  7. Things of Stone and Wood - Share This Wine
  8. Skunkhour - Bootyfull
  9. Tumbleweed- Sundial
  10. Headless Chickens - Juice
  11. Belly - Dusted
  12. DIG- Reinvent Yourself
  13. The Badloves - I Remember
  14. The Sharp- Train Of Thought
  15. Screaming Jets - Here I Go
  16. The Plums - Ride
  17. Chris Wilson- The Big One
  18. Faith No More - Midlife Crisis


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