Live in Bregenz

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Live In Bregenz
Live In Bregenz.jpg
Live album by Psychic TV
Released 1989
Label Temple Records
CD reissue, catalogue number: TEMPVP006CD
CD reissue, catalogue number: TEMPVP006CD

Live in Bregenz is a live album by Psychic TV. The album is number 15 in a series of live albums. Recorded in Bregenz, Austria, 1985 October 16. An unusually ambient and atonal live performance, the recording sounds as though it was mastered in reverse[specify].


  • LP, Temple Records, TOPY 020
  • CD, Temple Records, TOPY 020 CD
  • CD, Temple Records, TEMPVP006CD

Track listing[edit]

  1. "B-Earth"
  2. "Whatever You Are Is A Mirror Ov What We Are"
  3. "ANJA Command Centre"
  4. "Root Base"
  5. "One's Own Place"
  6. "Jewel City"
  7. "Unstruck Sound"
  8. "Rub Out Thee Voice And Your Words Will Follow"


For thee realisation ov this project PSYCHIC TV were:

  • Genesis P-Orridge - Vocals
  • Neil Andrew Megson - Guitars
  • Max - Drums
  • David Brooks - Bass
  • Lucifer - Keyboards