Live in Brisbane 2006

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Live in Brisbane 2006
Live album by Jeff Martin
Released November 21, 2006
Recorded The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia
Genre Rock
Length 101:30
Producer Jeff Martin
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Live in Brisbane 2006
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Live in Brisbane 2006 (2006) is a two disc live music album from Canadian singer/songwriter Jeff Martin. The album is a complete recording of a live performance full of Jeff's banter with bandmates and the audience, including his thoughts on the disbanding of The Tea Party and where he sees himself in life.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. "Silence" (The Tea Party cover)
  2. "Psychopomp" (The Tea Party)
  3. "Requiem"(The Tea Party)
  4. "Daystar"
  5. "Shadows on the Mountainside" (The Tea Party)
  6. "The Badger" (The Tea Party)
  7. "Hallelujah" (Leonard Cohen cover)
  8. "The Messenger" (Daniel Lanois cover)
  9. "Inanna" (The Tea Party)

Disc two[edit]

  1. "White Water Siren" (The Tea Party)
  2. "Lament"
  3. "Black Snake Blues"
  4. "The Bazaar" (The Tea Party)
  5. "Oceans" (The Tea Party)
  6. "The Kingdom"
  7. "Sister Awake" (The Tea Party)


Recording personnel[edit]

  • Produced by Jeff Martin
  • Mixed in Dublin, Ireland by Jeff Martin
  • Mastered at Q Music in Toronto by Jeff Martin
  • Recorded live at The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia, 10 September 2006
  • Published by JMartin Music (SOCAN)

Stage personnel[edit]

  • Geoff McGowan (Tour Manager)
  • Billy Hibben (String instruments Technician)
  • Bruce Johnston (Sound Engineer)
  • Scott Barry (Monitor Engineer)
  • Clem Ryan (Stage and percussion technician)


  • Jeff Martin
  • The Toronto Table Ensemble:
Ritesh Das
Ian De Souza
Joanna De Souza
Anita Katakkar
Heather Thorkelson

Art details[edit]

Design by Marco Holtappel


The album can only be purchased at Martin's live shows or from his website.

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