Live in Cambridge

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Live in Cambridge
Cambridge DVD.jpg
Video by Björk
Released November 26, 2001
Genre Alternative
Length 1:06:00
Label One Little Indian
Director David Barnard
Björk chronology
Live in Cambridge
MTV Unplugged / Live

Live in Cambridge is an official DVD released by Icelandic musician Björk on 26 November 2001. It contains a live performance by Björk on the Homogenic Tour, recorded live at the Cambridge Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England, on December 2, 1998. It was one of the last of the concerts performed on that tour.

The DVD is notable for having one track, "Violently Happy", cut from the final release. The performances of "Vísur Vatnsenda Rósu" and "Anchor Song" also appear on Homogenic Live.

Track list[edit]