Live in London (Judas Priest DVD)

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Live In London
Video by Judas Priest
Released September 2002
Genre Heavy metal
Label SPV
Judas Priest chronology
Judas Priest Live
Live In London
Electric Eye

Live in London is a Judas Priest DVD recorded live on 19 December 2001, at the Brixton Academy, London, and released in September 2002 by SPV. The DVD's extras include rare backstage footage, sound check footage, interviews and more. Not all of the songs played during this show were included on the DVD, but the full concert was later released as a live album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Metal Gods"
  2. "A Touch of Evil"
  3. "Blood Stained"
  4. "Victim of Changes"
  5. "One on One"
  6. "Running Wild"
  7. "The Ripper"
  8. "Diamonds & Rust"
  9. "Feed on Me"
  10. "Burn in Hell"
  11. "Hell Is Home"
  12. "Breaking the Law"
  13. "Desert Plains"
  14. "Turbo Lover"
  15. "Painkiller"
  16. "Electric Eye"
  17. "United"
  18. "Living After Midnight"
  19. "Hell Bent for Leather"