Live in Paris (Psychic TV album)

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Live In Paris
12" vinyl cover, Temple Records catalogue number: TOPY 014
Live album by Psychic TV
Released 1986 December 23 (12" vinyl)
Recorded Elysee, Monmarte, Paris June 08, 1986
Label Temple Records
Producer Genesis P-Orridge
CD reissue of vinyl, Sordide Sentimental catalogue number: SSFP 23
CD reissue, Temple Records catalogue number: TEMPVP004CD

Live In Paris is a live album by Psychic TV. The album was recorded live at the Elysée, Montmartre, Paris June 8, 1986 and was issued in an edition of 5,000 copies on 12" vinyl. The album is HISTORY 6 - the second release in the Live 23 series. The album was later re-issued on CD as City Ov Paris.


  • Bass - Dave Martin
  • Drums - Matthew Best
  • Guitar [Lead] - Alex Fergusson
  • Mixed By [Live] - Dave King
  • Percussion, Drums - Paula P-Orridge
  • Recorded By [Live] - Jean Pierrer Turmel
  • Synthesizer [Emu 2], Keyboards - Philipp Erb
  • Vocals, Guitar, Congas - Genesis P-Orridge
  • Live Crew: Dickie and Zop
  • Special Help: Cheryl
  • Live recording by Jean Pierrer Turmel of Sordide Sentimental, Rouen, France

Track listing[edit]

Temple Records, 12" vinyl[edit]

Side A

  1. "Thee Degenerate (For Terence Sellers)"
  2. "Dark Powers"
  3. "She Touched Me"
  4. "Jesus Please Us"
  5. "Riot In Thee Eye Of Sky"

Side B

  1. "Thee Fault Line"
  2. "Guilt Siren"
  3. "Soul Eater"

Sordide Sentimental SSFP 23, CD version[edit]

  1. "Thee Degenerate"
  2. "Dark Powers"
  3. "(Power Cut + Dialogue)"
  4. "Strange Affair"
  5. "She Touched Me"
  6. "Jesus Please Us"
  7. "I Like You"
  8. "(Power Cut + Dialogue)"
  9. "Riot In Thee Eye On Skye"
  10. "Je Ne Regrette Stargod"
  11. "Thee Fault Line + Guilt Siren"
  12. "Soul Eater"
  13. "Roman P-P-Punk"
  14. "(Dialogue)"
  15. "Undisciplined (Stadium Mix)"

Temple Records TEMPVP004CD, CD version[edit]

  1. "Thee Degenerate (for Terence Sellers)"
  2. "Stark Powers"
  3. "(power cut and dialogue)"
  4. "Strange Affair"
  5. "Elle Ce Touche Moi"
  6. "Please Us Jesus"
  7. "I Liked You"
  8. "(power cut and dialogue)"
  10. "Je Ne Regrette Stargod Rien (You Should!)"
  11. "Thee Fault Line (for Brion Gysin)"
  12. "Guilt Siren"
  13. "Soul Eater"
  14. "R-Roman P-P-Punk"
  15. "(power cut and dialogue)"
  16. "Undisciplined (To Say Thee Most)"