Live in Stockholm: Wild Frontier Tour

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Wild Frontier
GaryMoore WildFrontier.jpg
Video by Gary Moore
Released Apr 25, 1987
Genre Hard Rock, Heavy metal
Length 70:00
Label Virgin Records
Producer Steve Barnett, NFL Films, Gerry Raymond-Barker
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Live in Stockholm: Wild Frontier Tour is the 1987 live video of musician Gary Moore, recorded live April 25, 1987 at Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden, as support of the album Wild Frontier. Recorded and mixed by Nigel Walker. The tour had the valuable contribution of Eric Singer, who recently had left Black Sabbath.


  1. Over the Hills and Far Away. (Moore)
  2. Thunder Rising. (Moore/Carter)
  3. Wild Frontier. (Moore)
  4. Military Man. (Lynott)
  5. Empty Rooms. (Moore/Carter)
  6. All Messed Up. (Moore/Carter)
  7. Out in the Fields. (Moore)
  8. Rockin' Every Night. (Moore/Paice)
  9. The Loner. (Moore)