Live in Tokyo (Psychic TV album)

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Live In Tokyo
Live album by Psychic TV
Released 1986 November 23
Label Temple Records TOPY 015
Producer Genesis P-Orridge

Live In Tokyo is a live album by Psychic TV. Although the album was only released as a 12" vinyl LP, it was later coupled with a New York performance and released on CD as Thee City Ov Tokyo/Thee City Ov New York.

Liner notes[edit]

History 4

  • Retinal Stimulation Video was Controlled by Andrew Rawlings
  • Live Mix was by Ken Thomas
  • Record Produced from Mixer Cassette
  • Film and Video Production by David Dawson, Akiko Hada and Genesis P-Orridge

"This record is a document of Psychic TV live. Edited and shaped to capture a moment in time and those feelings and impressions connected with that moment. Time is that which ends, thus we preserve fragments as a library service. It is no longer the event itself but it remains history.

"Psychic TV played 4 disconcerts in Tokyo on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of January 1986. Approximately 2000+ people attended each night. All the music on this record is taken from the last night. It is not necessarily the most perfect moments musically. Rather we have chosen parts that reflect our mood, the element of chance, and otherwise not released material.

"This record is the first in a series designed to beat the bootleggers and documents a body of work. The process is the product. There will be 23 live albums. One released every month for 23 months on the 23rd of each month. The First Will And Testament of Psychic TV. The December issue will be "Live in Paris". Some issues will be more limited than others."