Live in Zombietown

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Live in Zombietown
Live album by Supernaut
Released 1995
Recorded September 7, 1995, BITEF theatre, Belgrade
Genre Alternative rock
Industrial rock
Indie rock
Minimal music
Experimental music
Length 37:06
Label Urbana Zona Trotorock
Producer Vladimir Janković "Slonče"
Supernaut chronology
Budućnost sada
(1993)Budućnost sada1993
Live in Zombietown
Niže nego ljudski
(1998)Niže nego ljudski1998

Live in Zombietown is the only live album by the Serbian alternative rock band Supernaut, recorded on September 7, 1995, at the Belgrade BITEF theatre, at the Zombietown movie premier. The album, available on compact cassette only, was released by the independent record label Urbana Zona Trotorock, founded by the late underground painter Momir Grujić "Fleka".[1] This is the first release to feature bassist Saša Radić and the last to feature Miodrag "Čeza" Stojanović on rhythm machine. Most of the material from the album appeared on the following studio album, the 1998 Niže nego ljudski (Lower than human). The track "Pobuna mašina" ("Machine rebellion") was rerecorded on the fifth studio album of the same name.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro" 0:45
2. "Niže nego ljudski / LSDB / Pobuna mašina" (Lower than human / LSDB / Machine rebellion) 13:05
3. "Dželat" (The executioner) 4:40
4. "Ceremonija" (Ceremony) 4:50
5. "Sve" (Everything) 3:00
6. "Tata Rollingstone" (Papa Rollingstone) 2:40
7. "Ceremonija" (Cerenmony) 8:20



  • Saša Radić (bass)
  • Čeza (Miodrag Stojanović; rhythm machine)
  • Đile (Srđan Marković; vocals)

Additional personnel[edit]

  • Vladimir Janković "Slonče" (sound engineer)


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