Live on the Other Side

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Live on the Other Side
Korn - Live on the Other Side.jpg
Video by Korn
Released June 20, 2006 (DVD)
October 7, 2008 (Blu-Ray)
Recorded November 29, 2005
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City
Genre Alternative metal, nu metal
Length 1:18:21
Label Virgin/EMI
Director Lawrence Jordan
Producer Steve Sterling
Korn chronology
Live on the Other Side (2006) Live at Montreux 2004 (2008)

Live on the Other Side is Korn's second live DVD release. This DVD contains footage from band's first American show in 2005 that was played at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on November 29, 2005. It also includes documentary, backstage videos, and interviews. The first 70,000 copies of Live on the Other Side included a voucher that gave opportunity to be exchanged for two free lawn tickets for 2006 edition of Family Values Tour at the time that the voucher's owner would buy an additional pair of lawn tickets, according to tour promoter Live Nation. The title suggested that they would play many of the songs from the album See You on the Other Side, but ended up playing only four.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm the One"
  2. "Here to Stay" (from Untouchables)
  3. "Twist" (from Life Is Peachy)
  4. "Got the Life" (from Follow the Leader)
  5. "Liar" (from See You on the Other Side)
  6. "A.D.I.D.A.S." (from Life Is Peachy)
  7. "Coming Undone" (from See You on the Other Side)
  8. "Dirty" (from Issues)
  9. "Falling Away from Me" (from Issues)
  10. "Twisted Transistor" (from See You on the Other Side)
  11. "Did My Time" (from Take a Look in the Mirror)
  12. "Shoots and Ladders" (from Korn) / "One" (Metallica cover) (from Take a Look in the Mirror)
  13. "Freak on a Leash" (from Follow the Leader)
  14. "Another Brick in the Wall (Parts 1, 2 & 3)"/"Goodbye Cruel World" (Pink Floyd cover) (from Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)
  15. "Blind" (from Korn)
  16. "Somebody Someone" (from Issues)
  17. "Hypocrites" (from See You on the Other Side)
  18. "Y'All Want a Single" (from Take a Look in the Mirror)
  19. Credits

Bonus features[edit]

  1. "See You on the Other Side": A selected few international Korn contest winners get to ride from London to New York with Korn in Korn Air Force One, their private jet.
  2. "See Who's on the Other Side": Interviews with band members and the tour's production crew, from the sound guy to the lighting engineer, show the complexities of large-scale touring.
  3. "Coming Undone": The live video of "Coming Undone" consisting of footage from the concert, dubbed with the studio track.
  4. "Jukebox": Select which performances you want to view.

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