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Live album by Toto
Released September 27, 1999
Genre Rock
Length 75:30
Label Columbia
Producer Toto, Elliot Scheiner
Toto chronology
Through the Looking Glass
(2002)Through the Looking Glass2002

Livefields is a live album by the band Toto. It was recorded during the reunion tour after the release of their album Mindfields, and released in late 1999. Outside the US, the album contained a second CD with 3 extra tracks, recorded during several concerts in France, as well as two video clips for "Melanie" and "Cruel."

Track listing[edit]

Regular album[edit]

  1. "Caught in the Balance" (Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Lynch, Kimball)
  2. "Tale of a Man" (Paich)
  3. "Rosanna" (Paich)
  4. "[Luke Solo]" (Lukather)
  5. "Million Miles Away" (Paich)
  6. "Jake to the Bone" (Paich, Porcaro, Porcaro, Lukather)
  7. "[Simon Solo]" (Phillips)
  8. "Dave's Gone Skiing" (Lukather, Porcaro, Phillips)
  9. "Out of Love" (Lukather, Byron)
  10. "Mama" (Paich, Kimball)
  11. "You Are The Flower" (Kimball)
  12. "The Road Goes On" (Lukather, Paich, Ballard)
  13. "Better World" (Lukather, Paich, Phillips)
  14. "Girl Goodbye" (Paich)
  15. "[Dave Solo]" (Paich)
  16. "White Sister" (Paich, Kimball)

Note: Tracks 9-12 are part of a special acoustic set.

Bonus disc[edit]

  1. "I Will Remember" (Lukather, Lynch)
  2. "Hold The Line" (Paich)
  3. "I Won't Hold You Back" (Lukather)
  4. "Child's Anthem" (Paich)
  5. "Melanie" (music video)
  6. "Cruel" (live video)

Note: The song "Child's Anthem" was only available as a Japanese bonus track.