Liverpool Data Research Associates

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Liverpool Data Research Associates (LDRA)
Privately held company
Industry Software testing
Founded 1975
Headquarters Wirral Peninsula, England
Key people
Professor Michael Hennell, CEO
Products LDRA Testbed, TBrun, TBreq, TBvision, & others

Liverpool Data Research Associates (LDRA) is a provider of software analysis,a test and requirements traceability tools for the Public and Private sectors and a pioneer in static and dynamic software analysis.


LDRA was founded in 1975 by Professor Michael Hennell to commercialize a software test-bed created to perform quality assessments on the mathematical libraries on which his Nuclear physics research at the University of Liverpool depended.[1][2]


LDRA Testbed is a proprietary software analysis tool providing static code analysis, and also provides code coverage analysis, code, quality, and design reviews. It is a commercial implementation of the software test-bed created by Hennell as part of his university research. It was the first commercial product to include support for the Linear Code Sequence and Jump software analysis method, which resulted from the same research. It is used primarily where software is required to be reliable, rugged, and as error free as possible, such as in safety critical aerospace electronics (or Avionics).[3] It has also been used in the detection and removal of security vulnerabilities.[4] LDRA Testbed is a part of a tool suite from LDRA, including:

  • TBrun - an automated unit testing tool
  • TBreq - a requirements traceability tool
  • TBmanager - extends TBreq
  • TBevolve - supports software baseline management
  • TBsafe - for DO-178B certification
  • TBpublish - for publishing HTML indexes
  • TBaudit - for Microsoft Word reports
  • LDRAcover - coverage tool[5]
  • LDRArules - standards compliance[6]
  • DO-178B and DO-178C Tool Qualification


In March 2012, LDRA announced a fully compliant FAA/EASA certification solution[7] to provide support and guide certification applicants through a wide range of standards including:

Industry Standards[edit]

LDRA is a contributor to several industry standards, including DO-178C,[8] MISRA C[9] and MISRA C++.[10] Additionally, LDRA is an Industry Partner[11] for the CERT C Secure Coding Standard[12] produced by the Computer Emergency Response Team at Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute.


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