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Foundation stone.

Liverpool Stadium was a purpose-built boxing arena situated on St Paul's Square, Bixteth Street in Liverpool, England. The foundation stone was laid by the Earl of Lonsdale on 22 July 1932, and it opened to the public on 20 October 1932. The facade was finished in faience tiling with Art Deco detail, as were the lobby, corridors and public areas inside. The arena itself was wood panelled. The architect was Kenmure Kinna.

Aside from boxing, it hosted wrestling matches, pop and rock music concerts, political hustings and trade union meetings. It closed in 1985 and was demolished in 1987.


  • Curley, Mallory. Beatle Pete, Time Traveller, Randy Press (2005): details how Pete Best's grandfather, Johnny Best, Sr., founded and ran Liverpool Stadium and includes an overall history of the Stadium.

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