Liveship Traders Trilogy

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The Liveship Traders Trilogy
1. Ship of Magic
2. The Mad Ship
3. Ship of Destiny
AuthorRobin Hobb
Cover artistJohn Howe
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherVoyager Books
Published9 January 1998
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)

The Liveship Traders Trilogy is a trilogy of books by Robin Hobb. The trilogy follows the lives of Bingtown Trader families.

Plot overview[edit]

The Liveship Trader's Trilogy takes place in Jamaillia, Bingtown and the Pirate Isles, on the coast far to the south of the Six Duchies. The war in the north has interrupted the trade that is the lifeblood of Bingtown, and the Liveship Traders have fallen on hard times despite their magic sentient ships. At one time, possession of a Liveship, constructed of magical wizard wood, guaranteed a Trader's family prosperity. Only a Liveship can brave the dangers of the Rain Wild River and trade with the legendary Rain Wild Traders and their mysterious magical goods, plundered from the enigmatic Elderling ruins. Althea Vestrit expects her families to adhere to tradition, and pass the family Liveship on to her when it quickens at the death of her father. Instead, the Vivacia goes to her sister Keffria and her scheming Chalcedean husband Kyle. The proud Liveship becomes a transport vessel for the despised but highly profitable slave trade.

Althea, cast out on her own, resolves to make her own way in the world and somehow regain control of her family's living ship. Her old shipmate Brashen Trell, the enigmatic woodcarver Amber and the Paragon, the notorious mad Liveship are the only allies she can rally to her cause. Pirates, a slave rebellion, migrating sea serpents and a newly hatched dragon are but a few of the obstacles she must face on her way to discovering that Liveships are not, perhaps, what they seem to be, and may have dreams of their own to follow.


Reviews of the trilogy as a whole have received a mixed reaction. Reviewers have praised the character development and viewpoints.[1][2] Other reviewers have felt there are too many characters, unconnected until the middle book.[3] Some reviewers have felt the ending of the trilogy is rewarding[2] while some feel after making ill-conceived choices the ending is too neat and convenient.[3] Criticisms of the length of the trilogy have been made.[3]


On the themes in the trilogy, one reviewer stated: "There is a theme running through all three books, that of morality. This is not done with a sense of preaching but rather the effect is one that makes the reader think deeply about the issues that are raised and Hobb subtly suggests that a life spent in peace and harmony, a life spent putting others first, may be the way to true happiness." [1]


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