Livin' on the Run

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Livin' on the Run
Livin' on the Run (Scott Grimes album) coverart.jpg
Studio album by Scott Grimes
Released February 25, 2005
Recorded Capitol Studios
Genre Rock, soft rock
Label Velocity Records
Producer Tom Fletcher & Scott Grimes
Scott Grimes chronology
Scott Grimes Livin' on the Run
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link

Livin' on the Run is the second album by actor/singer/songwriter Scott Grimes. Released in early 2005, it went on to produce two hit singles for Grimes in the Billboard Top Forty AC charts including one top twenty hit in: "Sunset Blvd". The song remained in the Top 20 for 10 weeks without climbing higher than #18.


After 16 years between albums, [his first release was the 1989 A&M album Scott Grimes], Grimes released this collection of material. Most of the songs were written years prior to the album's release. Grimes' career as an actor kept him busy with little time to pursue his first love of music. The album was recorded with L.A.-area studio musicians and would go on to become even more successful than his debut record.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Livin On The Run" (Scott Grimes, Jay Gore, Rico Belled) - 6:14
  2. "Sunset Blvd" (Scott Grimes, Dave Harris) ) - 4:38
  3. "I Saw You" (Scott Grimes, Dave Harris) - 5:08
  4. "Best Days Of My Life" (Scott Grimes, Dave Harris, Ben Crudup) - 4:44
  5. "You Come Around" (Scott Grimes) - 4:57
  6. "Carrie" (Scott Grimes, Dave Harris, Rico Belled, Jay Gore) - 4:44
  7. "I Wanna Be There" (Scott Grimes) - 4:43
  8. "Summerthing" (Scott Grimes) - 3:14
  9. "There Aint Nothin" (Scott Grimes, Jay Gore) - 5:35
  10. "Rock & Roll Girl" (Scott Grimes, Jay Gore, Rico Belled) - 4:44
  11. "Around and Around" (Scott Grimes) - 5:21
  12. "Without You" (Scott Grimes, Dave Harris) 4:22
  13. "Hollywood Sign" (Scott Grimes, Scott Campbell, Tony Devlin) 4:59
  14. "Four Piece Band" (Scott Grimes) 4:51
  15. "Finale" 2:37


The following singles were released from the album, with the highest charting positions listed.

Title Year Chart Position
"Sunset Blvd" 2005 US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks 18
"Livin On The Run" 2005 US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks 34

Album credits[edit]


  • Dawn Bailey Vocals (background)
  • Ricardo Belled Guitar (Bass)
  • Paul Buckmaster Conductor, String Arrangements, String Conductor
  • Randy Chortkoff Executive Producer
  • Robin Dimaggio Percussion, Drums
  • Paul Escudero Executive Producer
  • Tom Fletcher Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Mike Glines Digital Editing
  • Jay Gore Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Producer
  • Scott Grimes Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Vocals, Vocals (background), Producer
  • Kent Jacobs Executive Producer
  • Luke Miller Organ (Hammond)
  • Sean O'Dwyer Engineer
  • Charles Paakkari Engineer, Digital Editing
  • Bryan Pitcher Art Direction, Instrumentation
  • Marc Regan Mastering
  • Russ Regan Executive Producer
  • Colin Smith Graphic Design
  • Edward Turner Production Assistant, Instrumentation, Production Design

Popular culture[edit]

In the American Dad! episode American Dream Factory, Steve's band (Steve is voiced by Grimes) perform Livin' on the Run and Sunset Blvd.

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