Living & Dying

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Living & Dying
Directed by Jon Keeyes
Written by Jon Keeyes
Starring Edward Furlong
Michael Madsen
Bai Ling
Arnold Vosloo
Cinematography Sammy Inayeh
Edited by Robert J. Castaldo
Language English

Living & Dying is a 2007 film starring Edward Furlong and Michael Madsen. The film was shot on location in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. It was released on DVD in the US on December 25, 2007. Living & Dying tells the story of two killers who turn the tables on a group of bank robbers after a botched heist.

Plot summary[edit]

Four people rob the vault of a bank at gun point. The only trouble is that a large armed police presence turns up as they try to drive away. They take shelter in a diner, where two psychos with guns, Max and Karl decide to take over, and have the (about) $500,000 for themselves.

The robbers become victims with the owners of the diner and the people who were eating there. At first Max and Karl let Sam, one of the robbers do all the talking to Det. Devlin, not letting on that they are there also. But then they decide to make demands as telephone negotiations are going nowhere and shoot one of the hostages in front of the police.

Lind, another negotitator has turned up and takes over, with a gung-ho attitude. Devlin has been looking at the bank tapes and see that some of the money the robbers took was not supposed to be there. The bank manager confesses it was payment for an (illegal) arms deal. A phone call shows Lind to be fake and he is shot while shooting his accomplice.[vague]

A TV reporter is allowed in with a camera to film what they allow, but Max sees her hidden camera which is showing the police what is really going on there and for that she is brutally raped and dumped in a store room. A hidden phone reveals to the hostages that one of the robbers was an undercover cop (who has been shot dead) who would have a second gun, which a young woman manages to get and hand to Sam.

There is a shoot out and dozens of bullets from each gun, with few hits. The cops rush in and the siege is over, but there is still a surprise ending.[further explanation needed]



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