Living My Life (song)

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"Living My Life"
Single by Grace Jones
Songwriter(s)Grace Jones
Grace Jones singles chronology
"Cry Now, Laugh Later"
"Living My Life"
"Slave to the Rhythm"

"Living My Life" is a Grace Jones song released as a single in 1983.


The track was originally recorded for the album of the same name, but for unknown reasons (most likely that the pop-oriented record did not fit the overall reggae sound of the album) it did not make the final cut. It received a scarce 1983 release as a UK white label single and was officially released only in Portugal. Jones, however, performed the track on several TV shows. A remixed version was released as the B-side to the UK reissue single of "Love Is the Drug" in 1986. The original and dub versions are yet to be reissued on CD.

Music video[edit]

The music video for the song was directed by Jean-Paul Goude and famously includes the "suicide" scene, with Grace blowing her brains out.[1] Excerpts from the "Living My Life" video were used in the "Slave to the Rhythm" clip. The music video for "Living My Life" was also included in Jones' concert film, A One Man Show.

Track listing[edit]

  • 12" single (1983)
A. "Living My Life" – 7:34
B. "Living My Life" (Dub) – 4:15
  • 12" promotional single (1983)
A. "Living My Life" – 7:34
B. "Living My Life" – 7:34


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