Living Wigan

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Living Wigan
Screenshot from the film
Directed by James Kenyon
Sagar Mitchell
Produced by James Kenyon
Sagar Mitchell
Cinematography James Kenyon
Sagar Mitchell
Release date
  • 1902 (1902)
Running time
2 minute
Country United Kingdom
Language Silent

Living Wigan is a 1902 silent short documentary film directed by James Kenyon and Sagar Mitchell, showing street life and a steam tram in Wigan in August 1902. The film, which was premiered in Wigan Townhall before the Coronation celebrations in 1902, formed part of the 2 hour film show Live in Wigan.[1]

"This film buzzes with the energy and vibrancy of street life in the city," according to the BFI, and the filmmakers, "are seen introducing a comic moment into a possibly more formal opening event," and "actively encouraged the audience to respond to the camera with play acting, comic moments - with the crowd not quite knowing if to respond to the camera or concentrating on the curious event behind them," with, "a farcical moment of a guy splashing water at the crowds with a hosepipe."[1]


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