Living with the Dead (The Tale of Old Corpsenberg)

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Living With the Dead
(The Tale of Old Corpsenberg)
Living With the Dead.jpg
Cover of Living With the Dead
(The Tale of Old Corpsenberg)
Author Darrell Schweitzer
Illustrator Jason Van Hollander
Cover artist Jason Van Hollander
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy short stories
Publisher PS Publishing
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages vii, 62 pp
ISBN 978-1-905834-69-3
OCLC 460232223

Living With the Dead (The Tale of Old Corpsenberg) is a collection of linked fantasy short stories written by Darrell Schweitzer. It was first published in hardcover by PS Publishing in September 2008.[1]

The collection consists of five stories, three originally published in 2003 and 2004 in Interzone and two first published in the collection, together with an introduction by Tim Lebbon.


  • "Introduction" (Tim Lebbon)
  • "The Most Beautiful Dead Woman in the World" (from Interzone no. 189, May/Jun. 2003)
  • "They Are Still Dancing" (from Interzone no. 192, Nov./Dec. 2003)
  • "The Order of Things Must Be Preserved" (from Interzone no. 193, Spr. 2004)
  • "The Boy Who Dreamed of Nothing At All"
  • "The Observatory Committee"


The stories take place in the coastal town of Old Corpsenberg, on the wharfs of which heaps of dead bodies periodically appear overnight. These, by long custom, the residents are required to take into their homes and treat as guests. While the "guests" do not decompose, over time conditions become more and more crowded as room is made for them. Each tale follows a living member of the community as he or she deals with the increasingly difficult situation. Among the characters are an official who finds among the dead the most beautiful woman in the world, a schoolteacher attempting to keep order in a classroom crowded with corpses, and a young student oppressed by the status quo.


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