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"Living on Video"
Living on Video.jpg
Single by Trans-X
from the album Living on Video
ReleasedMay 3, 1983
Length5:55 (LP version)
Songwriter(s)Pascal Languirand
  • Dominique Nicodemo
  • Carmine Nicodemo
Trans-X singles chronology
"Message on the Radio"
"Living on Video"
"3-D Dance"
Music video
"Living on Video" on YouTube

"Living on Video" is a song by Canadian synthpop band Trans-X[1] written and published in 1982, but not released as a single until May 1983 by Polydor Records, and re-released in 1984. It became a massive hit worldwide, as well as peaking at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100. Trans-X also recorded a French-language version under the title "Vivre sur Vidéo". The song has been covered by many artists throughout the years.

Trans-X version[edit]

Remixes and cover versions[edit]

It was remixed by Trans-X in 2003 and again 2006, and again by French DJ Pakito who also made it a hit. The song has also been remixed by U96 as Love Sees No Colour (Version 2), Nathalie De Borah, DJ Piccolo, Dr. Lektroluv, Trance XS, Cardenia, Cosmo & Tom, La Bouche, Culture Beat, DJ Interface, Ratty, Lazard, Gary D, Masterboy, Pin-Occhio (as "Tu Tatuta Tuta Ta"), 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor (as "Living in Cyberspace"), Potatoheadz and by both Tronix Dj and Recorder, Stream (in 2016).[2] It also has been covered as Vivre Sur Video by Vive la Fête. Most recently, it was covered by the band HexRX for the "Das Bunker: Choice of a New Generation" compilation. In 2012, "Robots", a single by Belgian singer Kate Ryan, sampled the song. Also, in 2013, it was used as the main theme in the song "Get Ready Now" by Beatmaker. Arash sampled the song in 2014 under the name SLR. Parts of the song has also been remixed by Logobi GT as Gâter le Koin (Album "La Puissance" in 2010).

Music video[edit]

The music video features the band performing the song in a room with several TVs.[citation needed]


According to the comment section of Unidisc Music's upload of the music video, several users complained about how YouTube user MrBeast was given a copyright strike for saying "living on" in one of his videos despite not actually even singing the song.[citation needed]

Track listings[edit]

7" single
  1. "Living on Video" — 4:18
  2. "Digital World" — 3:30
12" maxi
  1. "Living on Video" (special maxi version) — 5:55
  2. "Digital World" — 3:30
12" maxi
  1. "Living on Video" — 5:55
  2. "Living on Video" (remix) — 6:44
  3. "Vivre sur video" — 6:10