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Livingston Parish Public Schools is a school district headquartered in Livingston, Louisiana, United States with 42 schools, with approximately 25,500 students enrolled for the 2012 - 2013 school year.[1]. The district's superintendent Bill Spear retired in early 2013. John Watson was named his successor, but recently retired in 2016. Homer "Rick" Wentzel is now superintendent. There are nine districts in the school system. The Livingston Parish School system has been recognized[who?] for excelling in education in Louisiana.

The district serves all of Livingston Parish.


K-12 schools[edit]


Special needs school

6-12 schools[edit]

  • Livingston Parish Literacy & Technology Center [5](Walker)

9-12 schools[edit]

7-12 schools[edit]

10-12 schools[edit]

9th grade only schools[edit]

PK-8 schools[edit]

4-8 schools[edit]

6-8 schools[edit]

K-5 schools[edit]

  • Denham Springs Elementary School [21] (Denham Springs)
  • Eastside Elementary School [22] (Unincorporated area)
  • Freshwater Elementary School [23] (Denham Springs)
  • Gray's Creek Elementary School [24] (Unincorporated area)
  • Live Oak Elementary School [25] (Unincorporated area)

Live Oak Elementary School used to be known as Live Oak Lower Elementary School.

  • Levi Milton Elementary School [26] (Walker)
  • North Corbin Elementary School [27] (Unincorporated area)
  • North Live Oak Elementary School [28] (Unincorporated area)
  • Northside Elementary School [29] (Denham Springs)
  • Seventh Ward Elementary School [30] (Unincorporated area)
  • South Live Oak Elementary [31] (Unincorporated area)

South Live Oak Elementary used to be known as Live Oak Upper Elementary School.

3-4 schools[edit]

K-4 schools[edit]

PK-2 schools[edit]

5-8 schools[edit]


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