Livingstone, Otago

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Livingstone is a small settlement in inland North Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand. It is located northeast of Danseys Pass, some 30 kilometres northwest of Oamaru.

Originally named Ramsey, the name was changed to the current Livingstone in the 1870s. The settlement was home to the nearby Livingstone gold fields, which proved to be an uneconomic venture.[citation needed] Although gold was, and still is, found, the fine nature of its makeup proved to be hard to accumulate.[citation needed] The Livingstone gold company went broke in the 1920s.[citation needed] The evidence of gold mining in the area is still very evident,[citation needed] with slucings and water races still very prominent.[citation needed]

Today Livingstone is a small township, with no services. A far cry from the days when 120 pupils were enrolled at the school.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 44°57′48″S 170°34′36″E / 44.96331°S 170.576782°E / -44.96331; 170.576782