Liviu Cornel Babeș

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Monument to Liviu Cornel Babeș

Liviu Cornel Babeș (September 10,[1] 1942 Brașov – March 2, 1989 Braşov) was a Romanian electrician and painter who committed suicide by self-immolation as a political protest.[2]


On March 2, 1989, Babeș set himself on fire on the Bradu ski slope at Poiana Brașov as a sign of protest against the communist regime. He left the message: „Stop Mörder! Brașov = Auschwitz. He was taken to the Brașov county hospital, where he died two hours later.

In Romania, according to Law no. 93, on June 3, 1997 Liviu Cornel Babeş was declared a hero.[3]

Place names[edit]

  • A street in Brașov has been named after him.[4]

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