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Livonia Public Schools Administration Building

Livonia Public Schools (LPS) is a public school district in southeastern Michigan Metro Detroit area, serving most of the city of Livonia and the northernmost portions of Westland.

As of the 2006-2007 school year, the district has revised their curriculum to a four-tier system: K-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12 Grade Levels. Prior to 2006, the curriculum was K-6, 7-8 and 9-12 grade levels. During the 1979-1980 school year, 9th graders were moved over to the high schools. Prior to then, junior high schools consisted of grades 7-9 and senior high schools consisted of grades 10-12. The school system also offers classes at the high school level at the Livonia Career Technological Center. Students can take classes that can gain valuable experience in their career choice before graduating high school. The district has consistently been ranked as one of the top districts statewide, a distinction held since the 1960s. However, in the recent years,[when?]the district has undergone changes and is currently rated # 102 in ranks among Michigan Public School Systems.[citation needed]


Lower Elementary Schools (grades K-4)[edit]

  • Buchanan Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Cass Elementary School (Livonia, 1967) Scheduled to close June 2017.
  • Cleveland Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Coolidge Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Garfield Elementary School (Livonia) Scheduled to close June 2017.
  • Grant Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Hayes Elementary School (Westland)
  • Hoover Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Kennedy Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Randolph Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Roosevelt Elementary School (Livonia)
  • Rosedale Elementary School (Livonia)

Upper Elementary Schools (grades 5-6)[edit]

  • Cooper Upper Elementary School (Westland)
  • Johnson Upper Elementary School (Westland)
  • Riley Upper Elementary School (Livonia)

K-6 Schools[edit]

  • Webster Elementary School (Livonia)[1]

Magnet schools:

Middle Schools (grades 7-8)[edit]

  • Emerson Middle School (Livonia, 1954) - This school was named after the American writer and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson. This building is a North Central Association School. Mascot-Eagles
  • Frost Middle School (Livonia, 1963) - This school was named after Robert Lee Frost, the American poet. In addition to 7th and 8th graders, this building houses the MACAT (Middle Alternative Classrooms for the Academically Talented) program. This building is also a North Central Association School. Mascot-Phantoms
  • Holmes Middle School (Livonia, 1967) - This school is named after Oliver Wendell Holmes, a famous physician, poet, & writer. This is also a North Central Association school. Mascot-Hawks

High Schools (grades 9-12)[edit]

Other Schools[edit]

  • Jackson Early Childhood Center (Livonia, 1956)
  • Livonia Career Technical Center (Livonia, 1969)
  • Perrinville Center (Livonia, 1936) Perrinville (at Adams Elementary), Closed 2016. Students and program distributed to other elementary schools in the district.
  • Western Wayne Skills Center (Westland)

Defunct Schools[edit]

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • John Adams (Livonia) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative; now the Perrinville Center.
  • Henry Clay (Livonia) - Closed in 1982 due to declining enrollment; still used for community education classes and Livonia Little Tots.
  • Cooper #3 (Westland) - Closed in 1966 when Cooper School (#4) was completed—razed in the 1990s after being abandoned for over 2 decades—now a shopping center.
  • Cooper #4 (Westland) - Closed in 1991 due to discovered contamination—used for LPS storage until closing again due to arson attempts and vandalism—razed in 2005 and is currently fenced-off, but proposed for recreational development.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (Livonia) - Closed in 1978—now the Livonia Career Technical Center.
  • William H. Harrison (Livonia) - Closed in 1978—razed for a senior housing complex.
  • Hull (Livonia) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative—last used for storage—razed in August 2010—now maintained as green space.
  • Andrew Jackson (Livonia) - Now the Jackson Center.
  • Thomas Jefferson (Livonia) - Razed in the mid-2000s because the property was too small to be considered of value.
  • Johnson #1 (Livonia) - Closed due to declining enrollment in the 1990s; now Rosedale #2.
  • Abraham Lincoln (Livonia) - Razed and replaced by housing.
  • James Madison (Livonia) - Closed in 1980; razed for housing development.
  • Marshall (Livonia) - Closed in 2003 due to declining enrollment—now a day care center.
  • William McKinley (Livonia) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative. Building razed in 2016.
  • James Monroe (Westland) - Closed in 1980; razed for park space.
  • Nankin Mills (Westland) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative; then leased to Redford Union Schools as a special education center. Building was razed in winter of 2014/2015.


  • Perrinville #1(Westland) - Closed in 1982; original location of the Perrinville Center until relocating to Adams in 2008; razed in February 2011 except for the historic schoolhouse, which was moved to Greenmead Historical Park on October 25, 2016; property is now green space.
  • Pierson (Livonia) - Closed in 1970; now used for city and private offices.
  • Rosedale #1 (Livonia) - Closed in 1979 due to declining enrollment; briefly reopened during the 1990s until it was razed in 2000 and absorbed into the park next to it.
  • Stark (Livonia, 1938) - Closed in 1973 due to declining enrollment; used as the Western Wayne Skills Center for several years; razed in 1999 for housing development.
  • William Taft (Livonia) - Closed in 1976; leased out.
  • Zachary Taylor (Livonia) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative; briefly housed the Webster School after a fire occurred at their school in February 2008; then leased to various tenants, including a public Japanese-English charter school (Hinoki International School) from 2012-2014, and a private Japanese preschool (Himawari Preschool) from 2012–present; now houses magnet school-of-choice Niji-Iro Elementary School.
  • John Tyler (Livonia) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative; vacant until 2008 when it became the new home of Webster Elementary after an arson fire at their school.
  • George Washington (Livonia) - Closed under the 2006 Legacy Initiative; leased to the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools briefly to house students while renovating one of its schools; last housed the Stautzenberger Health & Fitness Institute. The school was razed in 2014.
  • Webster #1 (Livonia) - Severely damaged in an arson fire in February 2008 during the district's mid-winter break. Because of high financial costs to repair the school, the district reopened and renovated the former Tyler Elementary building and moved students to that school. The old Webster School has since been razed; the site is now green space.
  • Wilcox (Livonia) - Now the home of Grace Christian Fellowship Church.
  • Woodrow Wilson (Livonia) - Closed in 1979; last housed food service and district storage; razed in the Winter of 2010; now used as green space.

Junior High Schools[edit]

  • Bryant (Braves) (Livonia) - Closed in 1979. Last used as Bryant Center (several programs), the school was razed around 2002. The land is now used for park space and sporting events.
  • Emily Dickinson (Defenders) (Livonia) - Opened in 1968, closed in 1980; last used as the Dickinson Center until 2010.
  • Henry Ford (Vikings) (Westland) - Closed in 1980; present location of the Western Wayne Skills Center.
  • James Russell Lowell (Lancers) (Westland) - Closed in 1981 due to declining enrollment; leased to Plymouth-Canton Community Schools district for several years; converted to Johnson Upper Elementary School in 2006.
  • Riley (Royals) (Livonia) - Riley survived the phase-out of the Junior High system as a Middle School. It was converted to Riley Upper Elementary School in 2006.
  • Walt Whitman (Warriors) (Livonia) - Opened in 1956 and closed in 1978. The building was used for adult education for several years after closing. The school was razed in the 1990s and the property absorbed into the park surrounding it.
  • Whittier (Wildcats) (Westland) - Closed in 1979—reopened as Cooper #5 in 1991—converted to Cooper Upper Elementary School in 2006.

High Schools[edit]

Bentley High School (1947-1985) George N. Bentley High School was the first public high school in the Livonia Public School district, it was open from September 1947 through June 1985. The school's first graduating class in June 1950 had 95 students. The school closed due to low enrollment. Team: Bulldogs, school colors: Green and White.

Other Facilities[edit]

  • Bryant Center - Formerly home to several programs in the district, all were relocated to the Dickinson Center in 2002.
  • Dickinson Center - Formerly home to adult education programs in the district, the school closed in late August-early September 2010 due to budget constraints.

Historical Schools[edit]

  • Briggs School (District No. 3) - Constructed in 1859 at Six Mile and Newburg (Newburgh) Roads. Even though districts were consolidated in 1944, the school was still used until 1945. In 1964, Briggs was razed to make way for the Newburgh Shopping Plaza.
  • Cooper School #1 (Nankin/Fractional District No. 1) - Constructed in 1837 at present-day Ann Arbor Trail & Middlebelt Road; became Fractional District No. 1 for Livonia & Nankin Townships in 1849.
  • Cooper School #2 - Constructed in 1865 by the district as a one-room schoolhouse; replaced by Cooper School #3 in 1938.
  • Elm School #'s 1 & 2 (District No. 6) - Constructed in 1869 on Middlebelt Road, south of the present-day CSX Transportation line, with an addition during the 1920s. During the 1930s, a second Elm School was constructed, with an addition a few years later. Both schools were razed in the early 1970s for the construction of a General Motors Powertrain plant.
  • Livonia Center (Tamarack) School (District No. 4) - Constructed in 1872 on Farmington Road, just south of Five Mile Road. The original school was razed in 1927 for a replacement four-room school on the site. The building is now part of the district Board of Education office.
  • Newburg School #1 (Fractional School District No. 8) - Constructed in 1861 at present-day Newburgh & Ann Arbor Roads. The one-room schoolhouse was used until 1922, when it was replaced with Newburg School #2 In 1987, the schoolhouse was moved to Greenmead Historical Park, where it still stands today.
  • Newburg School #2 - Constructed in 1922 to replace Newburg School #1; razed in 1974.
  • Pearson School (School District No. 2)
  • Stark School (School District No. 7)
  • Wilcox (Gaffney) School (School District No. 5)


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