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The Royal Armoury
Livrustkammaren Logo.svg
Livrustkammaren 2011a.jpg
Entrance to the museum.
LocationSlottsbacken, Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates59°19′36″N 18°04′18″E / 59.32667°N 18.07167°E / 59.32667; 18.07167

The Royal Armoury (Swedish: Livrustkammaren) is a museum in the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden. It contains many artifacts of Swedish military history and Swedish royalty. It is the oldest museum in Sweden, established in 1628 by King Gustavus Adolphus when he decided that his clothes from his campaign in Poland should be preserved for posterity.[1]

A drinking horn made from a horn of the last aurochs bull and taken by the Swedish army as war booty from Jaktorów, Poland, during the Swedish invasion of Poland (1655–1660) is part of the collection of the museum.[3]

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