Liwagu River

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Liwagu River
RiversOfSabah SungaiLiwagu-02.jpg
Liwagu River in Ranau.
Native name Sungai Liwagu
Country Sabah, Malaysia
Basin features
Main source On the southern slopes of Mount Kinabalu.
River mouth Labuk RiverSulu Sea
Physical characteristics
Length 2,000 km (1,200 mi)

The Liwagu River (Malay: Sungai Liwagu) is a river in Sabah, Malaysia, flowing eastwards off the southern slope of Mount Kinabalu and then into the Labuk River.

The Liwagu River Trail in Mount Kinabalu National Park is considered to be a preeminent birder's trail. The trail varies between open vistas and dense thickets, but is predominantly open, skirting the ridge-top as it goes along the north side of the river gorge. Bird species include: Chlamydochaera jefferyi; Chlorocharis emiliae emiliae; Eumyias indigo cerviniventris, Harpactes whiteheadi; Megalaima pulcherrima; Napothera crassa Luzon; and Zosterops atricapilla.

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Coordinates: 5°43′3″N 116°51′9″E / 5.71750°N 116.85250°E / 5.71750; 116.85250