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Elizabeth White
Liz White - Toronto Centre.jpg
White at a debate during the 2008 Toronto Centre by-election
Leader of the Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party
Assumed office
August 2, 2005
Preceded by First Leader
Personal details
Born c. 1950
Political party Animal Alliance

Elizabeth White (born c. 1950) is a Canadian politician and animal rights advocate.[1]


White is a founder and board member of the Animal Alliance of Canada, a non-profit organization set up in 1990, where she focuses on legislative issues, municipal animal control by-laws, hunting and human-wildlife conflict, and fundraising.[2]

White also leads the Animal Alliance – Environment Voters Party (AA–EVP), a federal political party registered by the Animal Alliance in 2005 with the aim of winning air time to discuss issues other parties might not raise, and to allow donors to receive tax credit. She stood unsuccessfully for election in Toronto in 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2015.[3]

White is an opponent of the annual Canadian seal hunt, and as a result supports a boycott of Canada's seafood industry. She has also campaigned against the sale of dogs from the Winnipeg city pound to animal researchers. She was one of three women (along with Lesli Bisgould of the University of Toronto and Shelagh MacDonald of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies) who drafted Bill C-17B/C-10B, an anti-cruelty bill that among other things called for animals to be regarded as "living property." The Bill passed the House of Commons twice, but was defeated in the Senate in 2008.[4]


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