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Lizard record label logo.jpg
Founded 2009
Founder Dmitry Koldun, Alexander Astashenok
Genre Pop
Pop rock
Country of origin Russia
Location Moscow
Official website Lizard Records

Lizard is the English name of Russian record label Ящерица which is based and founded in Moscow, Russia.


After Dmitry Koldun's successful performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and after "Work Your Magic" became a hit, there were arguments over who would become Koldun's producer. The two out-spoken producers who wanted to work with Koldun were Philipp Kirkorov (producer of "Work Your Magic") and Victor Drobysh, producer of controversial Eurofest! 2007 entry for Koldun - "Get Up", who both spoke out against each other in the media. However it was Alexander Lunev, famous for the song "Never Let You Go" by Dima Bilan, who became Koldun's producer. Lunev would then go on to produce Koldun's debut album.

In 2008 Koldun stopped working with Lunev due to conflicting opinions. Lunev did not want songs written by Koldun on the debut album. Since the dispute Koldun is now his own producer and the album release has been postponed again.[1][2] In 2009 Koldun founded his own label with Alexander Astashenok (a Russian musician, member of Russian band Корни (Roots)) named Lizard (Ящерица or Yasheritsa in Russian).

Lizard Studios are now primarily being used to record Koldun's debut album. Occasionally fans can watch a live webcam of events in the studio by going to Koldun's official website.



  • Dmitry Koldun
  • Корни (Korni, English: Roots)
  • Unnamed rock band headed by Koldun



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