Lizhou Dam

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Lizhou Dam
Lizhou Dam is located in China
Lizhou Dam
Location of Lizhou Dam in China
LocationMuli Tibetan Autonomous County, Sichuan Province
Coordinates28°5′23.69″N 100°56′2.70″E / 28.0899139°N 100.9340833°E / 28.0899139; 100.9340833Coordinates: 28°5′23.69″N 100°56′2.70″E / 28.0899139°N 100.9340833°E / 28.0899139; 100.9340833
StatusReservoir impounding
Construction began2009
Opening date2015
Dam and spillways
Type of damArch, roller-compacted concrete
ImpoundsMuli River
Height132 m (433 ft)
Width (crest)7 m (23 ft)
Width (base)26 m (85 ft)
Total capacity186,900,000 m3 (151,500 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area8,603 km2 (3,322 sq mi)
Surface area4.97 km2 (1.92 sq mi)
Lizhou Hydropower Plant
Coordinates27°58′46.35″N 101°0′11.09″E / 27.9795417°N 101.0030806°E / 27.9795417; 101.0030806
Commission date2016 (est.)
TypeConventional, diversion
Hydraulic head177 m (581 ft)
Turbines3 x 115 MW, 2 x 5 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity355 MW

The Lizhou Dam is a arch dam on the Muli River in Muli Tibetan Autonomous County, Sichuan Province, China. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power generation and when commissioned it will support a 355 MW power station.[1][2] Water from the dam will be sent to a power station about 14.5 km (9.0 mi) to the southeast. The difference in elevation between the reservoir and power station will afford a hydraulic head (water drop) of 177 m (581 ft). Preliminary construction on the project began in 2009 and the superstructures were approved in 2011. Pouring of roller-compacted concrete for the dam began in 2012.[3][4][5] The dam began to impound its reservoir in December 2015.[6]

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