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This article is about the given name. For the lake, see Lake Lizzie. For the 1957 film, see Lizzie (1957 film). For the 2017 film, see Lizzie (2017 film).

Lizzie or Lizzy is a nickname for Elizabeth and Elisabet, often given as an independent name in the United States, especially in the late 19th century.


  • Elizabeth Sewall Alcott (1835-1858), real-life model for the character Beth March in the novel Little Women
  • Marie Elisabeth Lizzy Ansingh (1875-1959), Dutch painter
  • Lizzie Arlington, alias of Elizabeth Stroud, regarded by many historians as the first female to play organized baseball in the 19th century
  • Elizabeth Mary Lizzie Deignan (née Armitstead) (born 1988), world champion British track and road racing cyclist
  • Lizzy Bardsley (born 1973), English media and television personality
  • Elizabeth Bolden (1890–2006), world's oldest person at the time of her death
  • Lizzie Borden (1860–1927), tried and acquitted for the notorious murder of her parents
  • Elizabeth Anne Lizzy Caplan (born 1982), American actress
  • Lizzy Clark (born 1994), English actress
  • Lizzie Compton (1847-?), woman who disguised herself as man in order to fight for the Union in the American Civil War
  • Elisabeth Carolina Lizzy van Dorp (1872–1945), Dutch lawyer, economist, politician and feminist
  • Lizzie Evans (1864 or 1865-?), American vaudeville and musical theatre entertainer
  • Margaret Elizabeth Lizzie Crozier French (1851–1926), American educator, women's suffragist and social reform activist
  • Lizzy Gardiner (born 1966), Australian Academy Award-winning costume designer
  • Elizabeth Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, English television presenter
  • Lizzie Grey, stage name of Stephen Perry, American rock guitarist
  • Lizzie Grubman (born 1971), American publicist
  • Lizzie Hopley, British actress and writer
  • Elizabeth Jane Lizzy Igasan (born 1982), field hockey defender from New Zealand
  • Lizzie Lloyd King (born 1847), American alleged murderer deemed mentally unfit to stand trial
  • Emilie Augusta Louise Lizzy Lind af Hageby (1878-1963), Swedish feminist and animal rights advocate
  • Elizabeth Lizzy Lovette, Australian radio presenter and TV presenter
  • Lizzie Lloyd King (1847-?), American alleged murderer
  • Elizabeth Magie (1866–1948), inventor of a predecessor of the game of Monopoly
  • Martine-Elizabeth Lizzy Mercier Descloux (1956–2004), French singer and musician, writer and painter
  • Elizabeth Lizzie Mickery, British writer and former actress
  • Lizzie Miles (1895–1963), stage name of Elizabeth Mary Landreaux (1895–1963), African American blues singer
  • Lizzy Pattinson, English singer and songwriter
  • Elizabeth Siddal (1829-1862), English artists' model, poet and artist
  • Lizzie Caswall Smith (1870–1958), British photographer
  • Lizzie Webb, often known as Mad Lizzie, English television presenter of exercise routines
  • Lizzie West (born 1973), American singer/songwriter
  • Lizzy Yarnold (born 1988), British skeleton racer
  • Lizy (actress) or Lizzy, popular Indian actress and wife of director Priyadarsan
  • Lizzy (South Korean singer), a member of popular South Korean girl group After School

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  • Westlothiana or Lizzie the Lizard, a fossil discovered in Bathgate, West Lothian

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