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Ljubica Sokić on a 2014 Serbian stamp

Ljubica "Cuca" Sokić (9 December 1914 – 8 January 2009) was a Serbian painter. She was born in Bitola.

She attended the high school in Belgrade, where Zora Petrović was her professor. She was also taught painting by, among others, Beta Vukanović and Ivan Radović. Ljubica Sokić worked and presented her works in galleries in Paris, in the time between 1936–39. Having returned from Paris to Belgrade, she presented her works independently for the first time in 1939 in Belgrade pavilion ″Cvijeta Zuzorić".[citation needed]

She was one of the founders of the art group "Desetorica" ("The Group of Ten"). She was a professor at the Academy of Visual Arts in Belgrade between 1948–72. In 1968 she became a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and from 1978 Academician. Besides painting, she created illustrations for children's books and magazines. She also worked in cinematography.[citation needed]

Her paintings are described as intimistic. At first she painted still life, landscapes, figures and portraits. Later she was moving towards simplifying forms, geometry and moderate abstraction. At times she used collage and experimental materials techniques.[citation needed]

She died on 8 January 2009, aged 94, in Belgrade. She was interred five days later at Novo Groblje cemetery.

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