Ljubljana National Drama Theatre

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Ljubljana National Drama Theatre

The Ljubljana National Drama Theatre, or the Slovene National Drama Theatre in Ljubljana (SNG DRAMA), is the national theatre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, best known for its conservative repertoire, including classical European dramatic texts and selected contemporary non-commercial European and Slovene ones. It is located to the southeast of the Slovene Museum of Natural History and southwest of the University of Ljubljana, at Erjavec Street (Erjavčeva cesta) .


The theatre is heir to the first ever Slovene-language drama performance, staged on 24 October 1867 by the Slovene Dramatic Society in the premises of the Ljubljana Reading Society. After collapse of Austria-Hungary, it was renamed in the short-lived State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs the National Theatre, and in 1919 the Provincial Theatre. In the Kingdom of Yugoslavia it was renamed the Royal Theatre.

During World War II in Slovene Lands, it operated under the names State Theatre and the Slovene National Theatre on Liberated Territory. After the war, it was renamed Drama of the Slovene National Theatre. Its current name, SNG DRAMA, dates from 1992. The current building is an Art Nouveau building originally the city's German Theatre.


The theatre is one of three branches of SNG.


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