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Coordinates: 46°3′13.28″N 14°31′16.44″E / 46.0536889°N 14.5212333°E / 46.0536889; 14.5212333

The Ljubljana University Medical Centre (Ljubljana UMC) (Slovene: Univerzitetni klinični center Ljubljana, abbreviated UKC Ljubljana) is Ljubljana's hospital centre and the largest hospital centre in Slovenia. It was officially opened on 29 November 1975 and as of September 2010 has over 2000 beds and over 7000 employees, making it one of the largest hospital centres in Central Europe.[1] It is the main training base for the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, which is housed nearby. The Ljubljana University Medical Centre is currently led by Andrej Baričič.


  • 1966: Start of construction works on the central building.
  • 1975: Ceremonial opening of the Ljubljana UMC.
  • 1980: Former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito dies at the hospital.
  • 2006: Ljubljana Medical Centre renames itself into Ljubljana University Medical Centre,[2] emphasising the collaboration of experts of different specialties and its role as a teaching hospital of the nearby medical faculty.[3]
  • 2010: The first ever robotic-assisted operation at the femoral vasculature is performed at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery.[4][5]


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