Ljubljana railway station

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Ljubljana station.JPG
Location Trg Osvobodilne fronte 6
1000 Ljubljana
Coordinates 46°03′32″N 14°30′47″E / 46.05889°N 14.51306°E / 46.05889; 14.51306Coordinates: 46°03′32″N 14°30′47″E / 46.05889°N 14.51306°E / 46.05889; 14.51306
Elevation 289.5 m (950 ft)
Owned by Slovenian Railways
Operated by Slovenian Railways
Connections Bus: Ljubljana Passenger Transport
Opened 16 September 1849 (1849-09-16)
Rebuilt 1980
Ljubljana is located in Slovenia
Location within Slovenia

Ljubljana railway station (Slovene: Železniška postaja Ljubljana) is the principal railway station in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It was completed on 18 April 1848, a year before the South railway, connecting Vienna and Trieste, reached Ljubljana. The building was renovated in 1980 by the architect Marko Mušič.

James Joyce spent a night at Ljubljana railway station on his way to Trieste in October 1904, because he mistakenly thought that he had arrived at his destination. In his honour, a small monument, created by the sculptor Jakov Brdar, was erected at Ljubljana railway station on Bloomsday in 2003.

The Slovenian railway museum is located nearby.