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Ljusnan (view from Färila).jpg
Ljusnan seen from the small town of Färila
Ljusnan position.png
Physical characteristics
MouthBothnian Sea
 • coordinates
61°12′12″N 17°07′57″E / 61.20333°N 17.13250°E / 61.20333; 17.13250Coordinates: 61°12′12″N 17°07′57″E / 61.20333°N 17.13250°E / 61.20333; 17.13250
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length430 km (270 mi)[1]
Basin size19,828.1 km2 (7,655.7 sq mi)[2]
 • average230 m3/s (8,100 cu ft/s)[1]
 • maximum2,500 m3/s (88,000 cu ft/s)[1]
Ljusnan seen from a motorboat between Arbrå and Vallsta.

Ljusnan (from Old Norse: Lusnlight[3]) is a river in Sweden, which is 440 kilometers long. The river starts in northwestern Härjedalen and then continues throughout the province into Hälsingland all the way to the Bothnian Sea. The biggest tributary is Voxnan. The river is heavily used for hydropower with 18 hydro powerplants. During 2001 Ljusnan produced 4,5 TWh.


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